Welcome to our Gardens

Rock Gardening is challenging in the Mid-Atlantic states. It represents an enthusiasm for the generally small but floriferous plants that emerge in mountain conditions and rapidly flower abundantly in a very short season. We take on that challenge with troughs, artificially stony soils and experimental plantings of all sorts. Our gardeners include professionals who have worked at the various arboretums and botanic gardens in the DC metropolitan area, those who have spent a lifetime helping plants grow, and those who are just beginning down the garden path. We have more than 50 years of experience cultivating plants for rockeries, troughs, woodlands, bogs, and more.  We are not just an alpine plant society — we all share a passion for a wide range of plants.  

We meet on a roughly monthly basis with talks from speakers who are experts in a variety of horticultural endeavors. We also have plant sales and exchanges once or twice a year and participate in the seed exchange organized by the North American Rock Garden Society, our parent organization. Please look through the recent newsletters and consider joining our membership, as well as the national organization.

Examples of plants we have been successful in growing in past few years are illustrated below.

Androsace barbulata
Asphodelus acaulis
Adonis ‘Fukujukai’
Scilla bifolia ‘Rosea’